Friday, March 23, 2012

Thick-skulled people

Text messages are impersonal..
Nowadays, people get fired with a simple text message.
Some months back, I stated my stand on moving away from the folding bike scene.
I've shunned the K2 Asia people for being morons.
First, for taking advantage of their customers and secondly, blaming the user for a faulty handlebar latch.
I also predicted a surge in trend, especially on Tern bicycles. They did well.
Don't get me wrong, Tern is a good brand, they are committed to their customers.
But when you have a non-bicycle guy running the show here in Malaysia, I doubt that the brand would go far.
Little has been done to promote the brand. 
Customers alone, cannot be taken advantage of to sell the bikes.
I don't think I will ever get a Tern bike.
Why? Because I am very happy with my Dahons. They are serving me very well.
Well, getting back on track, I received a text message that read: "Hi, long time no see, we should catch up."
I asked the guy, what I can do for him? 
His reply was: "I just came back from Taiwan and had a meeting with Tern, there are some new things.."
Really? Do I give a fuck about the 'new things' at all? No.
Like I said earlier, I am pretty much done with buying folding bikes.
No Tern for me. Never.
Very politely, I told the K2 Asia guy that I had no time at all.
Truth to be told, I am really busy.
Till I run out of things to write, I will maintain my work on other stuff. Not Tern or Dahon. 
I think they are good enough on their own.
Even the guy who is in charge of Dahon is not interested in any help rendered, so, why the fuck should I bother?

So, what now?
I hope that there is some continuity from elsewhere for the sake of K2 Asia and Le Run Industries.
They need some publicity. But they are not getting any from me.
The Dahon Folding Bike Club was a failure. The Dahon Video contest too was a spectacular failure.
Its just bad marketing.
If the guys can see this, they need to do more. Not sit on their ass and take advantage of their customer or make their customers 'associates' so that they can wipe their ass.
With such obvious weaknesses, I think both brands will continue to be stale unless something really exciting pops out.. 
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