Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Hands-on: Tern Link P9

Finally, an up-close and personal session! 

The Tern Link P9
My 2011 Jetstream EX needs a tune-up badly. 
So, I sent it for service at Rodalink and the guy who have been looking after our Jetstreams really well is Fadhli, the head guy at Precinct 15 in Putrajaya.
The bike had a loosened transmission cable.
So, there I was, minding my own business and lo and behold! The Tern Link P9.
This is their latest shipment to hit our shores and I had some quality time checking it out.

First contact
I saw the Link P9 four months ago during its product launch.
Since the K2 Asia guys are so fucking stingy, I never had a chance to examine it up close.
I asked Fadhli if I could check it out, he was obliging.
So, I took it out for a short spin. Handles very well, stable and the notorious locking latch on the Tern's Physis handlebar was no longer an apparent issue. Tern had fixed this.

White Knight: The Link P9

Nice clean lines

Now, available in 9-speed!

Love the integrated rear blinker

SRAM's new 9-speed gripshift, one handed operation on the go

Improved: The notorious Physis stem and handlebar latch
Now, if you had ridden the Dahon Speed P8, the Tern Link P9 is a forward evolution of the successful Speed platform.
This bike is clean, sleek and solid.
Its one notch higher than the Tern Link D8 and it seems that Tern had a beautiful colour scheme for all their 'P'-series bikes. 
White and Red seems befitting on this frame. But its definitely not the colour of my choice as it gets really dirty in our environment.
What made it appealing, is the white rims.

The possibilities are endless
I believe the Link P9 has plenty of potential as a 'go anywhere' bike.
It folds well, has a lightweight frame (now, aluminium) and is pretty compact.
This means, you can stow the bike when not in use and Tern has a range of accessories to go with it.
Its also a simple no-frills design and if you take good care of it, it will give you years of fun on the trail and the road.


  • Clean lines
  • Nice colour scheme, would be better if they have it in black!
  • Solid folding lattice hinge
  • Able to take accessories for touring and commuting rides
  • Pretty light for its class 
  • Comfortable and also pretty fast on the road
  • Pretty expensive
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