Sunday, March 18, 2012

Be Prepared

My favourite motto
The phrase: "Be Prepared" never left me since I left school more than 25 years ago.
I for one, am not the kind of person who likes to be caught unprepared.
In the cruel world that we live in, shit happens everyday.
It bites you in the ass and if you are not ready, you the price.

Everyday carry
There is no compromise.
In my bugout bag (I recently purchased a Camelbag HAWG-500), I pack a Strider MSS fixed blade.
My ready pouch is packed with a firesteel and I also carry a Leatherman MUT multitool and my trusty Surefire A2 Aviator tactical flashlight.
In short, I have no excuse for not packing the tools when the shit hits the fan.
Back at home, there's food enough to last at least a month.
What's important is drinking water.
When the time comes, all the comfort of air-conditionining, cable TV and internet would be gone.

My stash of sharp things: at the end of the day, it boils down to only one and I had picked my choice: The Strider MSS
Bug out bag
My pack is capable of carrying all the essential gear needed to hike home in case of a vehicular breakdown.
The knives would come in handy for building a temporary shelter.
But all this is useless of I lose the bag.
In my pocket, I pack at least three folding knives. Make no mistake about it. Three.
During emergencies, its important to have a plan.
I told my wife that the safest places is home where we will hold out.
Family members comes second. 
If there is a need to regroup, we will take our dogs and stuff to the rally point.

My Every Day Carry tools in the Camelbak HAWG-500
Better safe than sorry
I use what I carry and the tools I pack should get me out of a fix.
With the right training and mental attitude, I shall prevail. Unless if I am dead.
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