Friday, March 2, 2012

Kuantan Road trip - part 1

A family mission
My father in-law had suggested a visit to his uncle's home in Kuantan.
The man is almost 90 years of age and with a deteriorating health, time is really not on his side.
Our plan was to take a drive down the East Coast highway and have some good food along the way.

The simple plan
I was made in charge of food. Yeah. 
So, the first thing that came in mind was Chong Wah laksa in Seri Gombak. This was on the way to the Gombak toll.

But, but, but.. 
There was a demonstration in Kuantan town. 
Some folks went all the way there from the Klang Valley to protest the operations of a Rare Earth processing plant.
We want to avoid that and by doing so, we took the inner route to Kuala Lipis. The plan is to have lunch there. Since traffic was not heavy, the drive was a breeze.
I told my father in-law about Low Kwan, a well-known makan place in Kuala Lipis town. But the fucking bummer was the place was closed.
So, having driven around town in search of a makan place and to no avail, we ended up at a restaurant before the flyover to Kuala Lipis new town.

Ripped off
We got fucked by the makan place. A steamed fish dish costs RM220.00
The whole bill came up to nearly RM400. What a fucking rip-off! For that kind of price, we would get a better deal at Low Kwan.

My brother in-law at Kuala Lipis

Oh yeah!

The fucking ikan Tenggalan that costs a bomb!
 After we were done with the meals, we drove towards Jerantut, which turned out to be one helluva drive.
I can't believe the traffic along the narrow road leading towards Taman Negara in Kuala Tahan...
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