Thursday, March 15, 2012

Bike Friday is in town!

A phone call...
While having lunch with my buddy in the canteen, I received a call from Johnny Ng from My Bicycle Shop in Bandar Utama.
"Hey Sam, I got someone who is selling Bike Friday folding bikes, can you pass the word around?"
With that in mind, the folding bike scene here in Malaysia is set for some excitement.
If what that has been said is true, then we don't have to travel to Singapore or Indonesia anymore.
No more face-to-face sessions with retarded Ah Beng in the island republic's bicycle shop.
No more stuck-up fuckfaced buggers. No more road trips. Its all here!

The selection
I was told by the distributor that he has a BF Tikit and Tandem bike.
Its now at Johnny's bike store.
"Have you seen the Tikit?"
Well, I'll be damned if I told him I've never held one up close.
He also had a Brompton sample bike.
I told him to keep it because I hated it.
The guy said he will bring in a range of Bike Fridays - especially the New World Traveler and Pocket Llama select.

The Pocket Llama
This is one bike that I want to examine up close.
I told the distributor dude that I am able to meet him next week as I am on leave.
So, let's see how it goes! Stay tuned for a Tikit preview...
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