Tuesday, March 6, 2012

A walk out? Or a wash out?

Curious people want to know..
I went over to Rodalink bike store in Desa Sri Hartamas today.
First time I step in the establishment in three months.
My visit there was to pick a replacement insert for my Selle Royal ergo gel seat.
I was there too to purchase two patch kits for my tire's inner tube.

We reap the seeds we sow
I voiced out my displeasure about the way things were done - especially when it comes to Tern and Dahon... 
All things said and done, I was ready to pay the price. 
I was expecting some backlash, queries as to why I had boycotted the chain of stores. Which I never did at the first place. I got what I wanted, so, there's no need to hangout at the Rodalink store, although I did visit their branch in Bandar Botanic when I attempted my solo 200km/day ride. 
Since I have a Rodalink membership, I enjoy a small discount on the store's merchandise. Nothing more than that.

The club that never existed...
One of the guys asked: "Eh, I heard you walked out of the Dahon Folding Bike Club. Is that true?..." 
I asked him who said so and was told that it was a casual conversation between him and another customer.

 There never was a Dahon Folding Bike Club in Malaysia. Never officially.
It was an ad-hog gathering of a few bike owners, who sat down to discuss activities.
Initially, when Le Run Industries had launched their 2011 bikes, I was invited to share my experience. That was all.
I did float some ideas about rides and reaching out to the Dahon owners. But later, I started getting emails on 'taking care of things' when new applications was received for the club.
Excuses like 'lack of manpower', 'the store did not return membership applications' and bla-bla-bla were given.
In short, there is no such thing as a Dahon Folding Bike Club. 
I mentioned earlier that it was very iritating for a company that has 30-odd employees and a Marketing Department to dump everything concerning Dahon to a customer.
To make matters worse, they've even referred me as an 'associate' to new bike owners.
For the record, I was never paid by the company to run errands.
Everything I did was voluntary.
As a matter of fact, I never walked out on them. I was never even a member of the club and there is no official record for them to prove so.
Although I did send in a form with details written on it, but that was it.
My question is this: How would you feel if you have been exploited commercially? That is my point.
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