Tuesday, March 20, 2012

Oyama Dazzle 26

You don't see a 26" full-suspension folding bike everyday.
And with a pricetag of RM1.5K a pop, the Oyama Dazzle is set to turn heads.
I managed to catch a glimpse of the bicycle at Johnny Ng's shop in Bandar Utama.
For its price, the bike's frame is pretty well-finished.
Love the locking latch design which blends in very well with the frame.

Johnny, with the Oyama Dazzle

The front fork

Rear disk brake

Quality, fit and finish
At the first-glance, I'd say that the Oyama Dazzle would fit the bill when it comes to budget.
If you are looking for a bike to thrash - that can be folded for transportation, this may take the cake.
The built is pretty solid, but for RM1.5K, this bike is nowhere compared to a Dahon Expresso or the higher-end Dahon Matrix.
But, hey! Its a full-suspension ride..
For the meager sum, you also get a set of mechanical disk brakes and best of all, it has a wide gear range with its multiple front chainring to tackle any terrain that you would throw at it.

With some tweaking - throw away the crappy assed rear shocks and put in a 'real' adjustable rear suspension, front fork and groupset, you will have a very decent ride.
I really dig the design and paint job on this bike!

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