Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Surly Disk Trucker

Life is full of uncertainties.
Now, to put things into perspective, if I ever consider getting a large-framed bike, it would be a Surly Disk Trucker.
Why? Because this bicycle is going to go anywhere.
Mechanical disk brakes provide stopping power in any condition imaginable.
They are far better than v-brakes in various aspects.

The bike shops far South..
I know for a fact that at least one bike store in Singapore sells Surly frames.
The prospect of a four-hour road trip and walking in to a store managed by Cro-Magnons, Neanderthals, apes and monkeys is well, simply a put off.
Now, the funny thing is this: There are no official dealers in Singapore on Surly's website. But, there is a distributor.
I guess my ugly face isn't well-liked at bikestores in this puny island republic.
Each time I walk into such a place, I get a dirty stare and was once told to return back to my country because my business isn't needed.. Hahaha!
So, having said that, I don't think I will ever get a Surly even if my pants is on fire!

The Disk Trucker offers something that other touring bikes don't have: Real brakes!

The Surly is a bicycle that needs no introduction.. 

With a good reputation and a solid built, Surlies are respected and highly sought-after by tourists who cycle...
True class..
The fact that there is a 'Surly Club' here in Malaysia came as no surprise.
I met at least two fellas who ride their Surlies around the country and abroad.
One of them even bought a pair of panniers from me and the other, well, I met him at a bikestore in Kuala Lumpur. Seemed pretty stuck-up at first, but as we struck a conversation, it dawned on me that well to do people don't socialise.. Sad, but true.
And now, there's even a Surly Long Haul Trucker Malaysia Club on Facebook. How interesting!
Well, all good things said and done, I guess its a matter of time if I ever meet these guys when I'm touring. So, to all you Surlians out there, I lift my beer mug to you.. Cheers!
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