Friday, March 2, 2012

Kuantan Road trip - Part 2

Country road
We took a turning towards Jerantut from Kuala Lipis.
This will take us to the Maran road.
Estimated drive is about two hours and we passed through some places that we've only seen on the road map. Never been there.
The passage to Jerantut was like a roller coaster ride. It scared the shit out of my in-laws as trailers and lorries sped up a narrow road.
That's how it is on the Malaysian road.
I drove well into the evening to reach Maran town and made a turn towards the East Coast Highway.
From there, it was a smooth drive to Semambu.
Michelle had booked an apartment in this area which is very near to Grand Uncle Lau's home.
Vincent, her younger brother had worked and lived in Kuantan for five years and he knew every nook and cranny in this town.
I was born near Kuantan. My mother lived in Sungai Ular near Cherating village.

Catching up with the Laus
Grand Uncle Lau was a timber tycoon.
I said 'was'.
He went through hell and is basically living on bare-minimum. Both his sons are supporting him nowadays.
I'm glad that Grand Uncle Lau could still remember me. He came to Kuala Lumpur twice to visit my in-laws.
Later, we took them out for dinner at a restaurant in town..

My father in-law catching up with his uncle

Three generations of the Lau family

Steamed Indian Mackerel gone wrong.. hahahahah!
Dinner was so-so, we took a family photo and called it a day.
Back at the apartment, I caught up with some TV time with my brother in-law, but he had to catch some sleep as the following day is gonna be heavy.
I saw "Pontianak Kg Batu" on ASTRO Ria, a dedicated Malay-Language channel.
The production is not bad considering the fact that it was shot entirely with a D-SLR.
I know the cast, the lead actress was Erra Fazira. 
When I first covered this singer/actress during her Beauty Pageant days, I must say that she was rather stiff and crappy when it comes to public speaking.
But, people change. With age and experience, this actress too had progressed...
After watching that local production, it was time to hit the sack..
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