Thursday, March 29, 2012

Manfrotto Modo Pocket vs Pocket Support

I made a beeline to Eng Tong photo supplies in SS2, Petaling Jaya today.
My mission is to pick up a replacement pocket tripod.
The target is a Manfrotto pocket support.
This is to replace my ageing Manfrotto Modo Pocket.

The modo pocket seen here mounted on my Powershot G12

Same function, different quality, fit and finish
I purchased the Modo Pocket for RM60 some years back.
Today, due to the rise of the Euro currency, most of the Manfrotto stuff are fucking expensive.
Expect to pay at least 30% more on retail for their tripods and other cool stuff.
The Modo Pocket is a piece of steel, a cord creates tension on the two legs to give it support.
By far, this is the most solid piece of table and ground support you can get for your compact camera.
One the powershot G12, well, now G1X, its blends with the base of the camera.
To sum it up, its built like a tank!
But, it has a weakness. A piece of cheap metal crimp on the end of the cord will wear out.
In my case, it literally broke after two years of hard use.
Now, the pocket support - I had  bad feeling right from the start.
Its made in China. You pay more for the large box its sold in and a nylon pouch and a spare tripod mount that comes with it.
The only thing I found useful, was a cord with a little screw driver.
Later, I modified the cord to retrofit the Modo Pocket.
The pocket support is sleek, but it doesn't come with an tripod mount.
And for RM65 a pop, its a piece of crap!

The pocket support and Modo Pocket
Well, I managed to extend the service life of the Modo Pocket.
The pocket suport, well, it'll most probably be fitted on my wife's Canon Powershot S100..
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