Monday, March 19, 2012

First impressions: Bike Friday Tikit

First contact
I rang up Johnny Ng from My Bicycle Shop today.
My intention was to touch base with Doc Andy of Family Cycle Services Malaysia, sole distributor of Bike Friday folding bikes.
Earlier, I made mention of this man who wanted to introduce a series of Bike Friday models to the Malaysian scene.
He cycled to Johnny's shop with his partner Daisy and showed me the BF Tikit and Tandem.

A good impression
Like what I saw in Singapore months ago, minus the hostility, the BF Tikit is a bike which is built solid.
For an asking price of RM6.5K a pop, this Made in Oregon ride is meant for the serious rider.
Tikits are built compact and they fold really fast!
Some season cyclists can actually flip this bike while they were pedaling it.
The Tikit's compact folding size made it an ideal commute bike and also for bikepacking.
Best of all, you can outfit this ride with tonnes of bells and whistles.

As good as it gets: The Tikit, proudly made in the USA

Doc Andy and the folded Tikit

Ready to roll...
The best is yet to come!
Bike Friday also customizes their bikes.
This means, you can opt for a belt-driven Tikit with a Rholoff Internal Hub Gear.
For many seeking the perfect folding bike, this is the ultimate 'Holy Grail' of folding bikes.
Doc Andy intends to reach out to the public and educate them about the BFs and I think he will do well.
In a realm that's dominated by Dahons and now Terns, the Bike Fridays will shine the way.
I have good vibes about this brand making it in Malaysia. So, a Malaysia Bike Friday Club is definitely in order!
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