Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bike Friday Malaysia's Official blogsite

Off to a good start: Bike Friday Malaysia's blogsite

A follow-up
I met Doc Andy and Daisy Lee yesterday to discuss about their business.
They are ready to take orders for Bike Friday folding bikes and this is good news if you are in the market for a high-end bike.
For starters, Bike Fridays are made entirely in the USA with components from all over the world.
Pricing is from RM4.5K - RM12K for the bikes.
Not all the bikes are the same as they are hand-built by bike craftsmen in Oregon.
Best of all, the BFs are backed with a lifetime warranty. This means that if its broken, they'll fix them.

Build that dream bike of yours
If you are no longer fascinated by 'off the shelf' bikes, even the most high-end ride won't turn you on, then its time to turn to Bike Friday.
Why? The guys in Oregon can customize your ride.
Just name it, they'll try their best to accommodate you.
I was told that the turnaround time is between two to six months.
Well, is it worth the wait? 
I've seen the BFs up close, they are solid.
Two models that caught my attention was the Carbon Drive Tikit and the Pocket Llama Select.

Pocket Llama Select

Folding bike Hero: The legendary Heinz Stucke with his BF Pocket Llama
I am a HUGE fan of the Bike Friday Pocket Llama.
And best of all, you can order this bike to your specifications.
What I want to see: is a belt driven folding bike with a Rholoff-14 internal hub gear.
Well, since BF can throw in all the bells and whistles to accommodate the Pocket Llama, this would be a nice follow-up for a custom folding bike project.
What befits a long-distance ride on the Mongolian Steppe, is a badass Pocket Llama which is made-to-order.

So, in a nutshell... 
With a good attitude and 'never say die' credo, I think Bike Friday has a fighting chance in a market which is dominated by Dahons, Tern, Oyamas, Birdies and some chap burung (crap brands) folding bicycles.
It would definitely give the Bromptons a run for its money.
That said, we can expect some surprise announcements in the months to come from Doc Andy and his crew.. Good luck and all the best! 
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