Thursday, March 15, 2012

Need for speed...

I received a Toshiba SD Card which was given free with the purchase of my Canon Powershot G1X.
Each time I press the shutter, I noticed a 4 - 5 second lag before I could snap another photo.
Seems that the write speed on the card is much slower than it was on the Powershot G-12.

Reality check
Then it dawned on me. 
I was recording still images on JPEG and RAW.
The new Digic-5 processor may take a while to write the images onto the storage card as we are dealing with high resolution shots.
This means that everything that I've owned had to be thrown out the window.
The 30mb/sec write speed is a thing in the past.

The only SD Cards out there that are able to match the speed on the G1X are the 95mb/sec write speed.
So, I set out on a quest to source for a 8GB card.
This is for starters and I found that a stall in the Digital Mall in Section 14, Petaling Jaya was selling it at RM145.
I believe that I can get it cheaper and headed out to Low Yat Plaza.
There is a shop called Sri Computers that sells them cheap.
The price? RM129 a pop.
Can someone match it or better the price? Yes.
The shop next to it was selling the Sandisk Extreme Pro SD card (8GB 95mb/sec) at RM119.
Its the best they can whip out and I think - a damn good bargain.

Does it work?
Yes indeed.
Takes about 2 seconds to write with JPEG + RAW recording.
So, no more issues with lagging time and there's plenty of room for burst capture on the camera.
I might even get the CF version of the extreme Pro for my Canon EOS7D.
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