Saturday, March 20, 2010

Another weekend well-spent..

I made a follow-up trip to Taman Rimba Kiara with Master Kurt G and a few new friends Bernard and Derrick including my knife kaki Kit.
Made my way to the park and had my McDonald's breakfast and a cup of coffee before I begin shooting some insects with my Canon EOS7D and my EF1oomm F2.8L IS macro lens.
Seems that my new Samo Frankenfuser mk II is holding out pretty well and yielded some good shots.
Seeing the insects up close and capturing them on my digital camera made me forget about that measely 4.7% increment that I received yesterday.
It was an awesome de-stressing session and I was totally focused on getting my act together.
I also made some new friends and am glad that my circle of friends are getting larger.
Photography really helped me to pass my time and yielded some really cool results.
Now, I can look forward to a session of night macro photography outing in Bukit Gasing!
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