Monday, March 15, 2010

You can't please everyone..

Once in a blue moon, a fan mail arrives.

Hi Metro,

Being a reader of The Star for the past 10 yrs, I'd have to say Metro always gives good and interesting stories to its readers. I love your food reviews especially, and I always look forward to them each week. The food trail section is good too, but just a sincere comment - why is Mr Samo always starting his stories with "Hello folks! Welcome to this week edition of food trail...blablablaa". - very mononotous. I always keep cuttings of the food articles, and of late, each edition 'sounds' the same. There was a time when I actually thought Metro made the mistakes of republishing the same story as the previous week due to the 'similarities'. To be exact (if I did my math correctly, Mr Cheong has around 15 or 16 foodtrail stories which started with either "Hello folks and welcome..." or "Greetings, folks!". Other than that, I notice Mr Cheong likes to use readers' mails/letters as part of his writings. Just sum up what they asked will do, wont it? Do you have to 'cut and paste' every thing into your own work? Come on, to be a top paper in the country, I believe Metro or Mr Cheong can do better.



My take on this: Yeah, its a thankless job. You can please everybody...
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