Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Oh no! Amazing Race Asia is back!

Last Season's promo poster

Me and Eugene who belted a Michael Learns to Rock number.

At the risk of death and injury, my brother in-law Eugene Lau is going ahead with the
Amazing Race Asia Season 4 audition.There is now way I could talk him out of it because he is bent on providing good TV to the
millions across Asia.Eugene thinks he will win.I could imagine three possible scenarios.First, he will fail the screen test.Second, he will not be allowed to participate because of his medical condition.Third and lastly, he could not partake in dangerous activities because he can't swim, climb
and run.And to rub it in, my brother in-law is learning disabled.He is one-tracked mind and is convinced that he could qualify for the audition with ease.So, on Saturday morning, he is going to drag his ass to Sunway Pyramid where the
screening for new participants is taking place.I can only hope that the audition itself, is a valuable experience.Eugene wanted me to be his teammate, but I too don't think I could pass round one of the
auditions. Why? Because overweight guys have no screen prescence. Nevermind that, cos I think the Amazing Race Asia is full of shit.To me the whole thing is scripted. That's why they have a director's credit at the end of each
episode. They need fresh faces and over the past three races, only Season One was close to
genuine because they had two ordinary girls winning the race.The rest were crap.
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