Friday, March 5, 2010

The Kite...

The Kite making its landing approach

SIMPLY MAJESTIC: This bird of prey is the one to watch..

My neighbourhood is blessed with an interesting variety of flora and fauna.
A small wooded area sitting between the ELITE highway and USJ 26 in Subang Jaya became the perfect refuge for several species of birds.
If I want to get some insect shots taken, its just a matter of paying close attention to the small critters wandering along the shrub and when it comes to birds, its simply amazing to watch some common birds like the myna, crow and tekukur.
This morning, it was different.
I saw a kite flying around the treeline and it made a short landing on my neighbour's roof.
Its magnificent and sadly, the range on my Canon EF 70-200 F2.8L lens was not long enough to capture the bird of prey in its full glory.
Maybe if I save up enough, there will be a chance to score a 4oomm F4L lens with a 1.6x teleconverter which makes it ideal for capturing large birds...
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