Wednesday, March 3, 2010

A turning point in our lives..

We're gonna spend more time outdoors!

Even the kidz are included in our excursions now..

This will be a year to watch.My wife is going ahead with her business plan and travel to the US at least twice in a year.We scrapped our plans to go to the Blade show 2010 in Atlanta, Georgia and the Usual
Suspect Network Gathering II in Las Vegas due to financial concerns.Initially, we would have done Blade and I proceed to Vegas alone.But a sudden change in business plan had became the biggest upset.Even my knife collection is going to a halt as every single Ringgit and Sen matters.On the brighther side of things, I can concentrate more on local outings and with squid season just around the corner, there's plenty of room for some great outdoors.Other than that, I would also concentrate more on spending quality time with my kidz.We owe them some cool jungle outings.
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