Sunday, March 14, 2010

Kurt G's Macro photography workshop..

You are never too old to learn.That's what I discovered over the weekend at Kurt Guek's macro photography workshop.Having cycled through a sackload of cameras both film and digital, I never thought there can
be so much fun learning about taking close-up shots (macro) of bugs.Since I acquired my D-SLR in late 2009, I have been constanly improvising my close-up
shooting techniques.And recently, I signed up for a half-day workshop in Taman Rimba Kiara.I had very low expectations on the outcome and found that Mr Guek is an excellent teacher.He is patient and was willing to part with some of his shooting techniques that are not found
in textbook.The other guys who participated in the workshop too are very accommodating.On the whole, I found the macro guys on to be the friendliest lot. They are not arrogant and full of themselves and each time a newbie posts his shots, the
seasoned members were very kind in passing constructive remarks.That said, I can look forward to more outings and at the same time, improve my shots.

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