Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh no! F-1 Fever is back..

Wow! Its hard to believe that the Formula One race is back in KL.After 18 years, Malaysia is still hosting this prestigious race and for what? Frankly, I don't
know.To me, its an utter waste of time.I don't think the F1 is enjoying brisk ticket sales and most corporate citizens are arm-twisted
to get seats for their clients.Petronas, our big boy in the oil business has pumped-in a lot of money to promote Malaysia
as a motorsports destination and my question is this: How does it benefit the layman?As a pre-publicity ploy to hype up race day (which is one day in a weekend), lots of company
sponsors of the F-1 race are holding parties.I just came across one that reads: "By invitation only: covering celebrities, prominent
businessmen and corporate personalities".If I translate this correctly, it literally means: losers, wannabes and bloodsuckers.The F-1, despite its glitz and glam shit, will be around even long after I am gone.I for one, am sad because there are so many fake people out there who buys this F-1 shit.Money being put into the race track can be utilised for more good like better public housing
and roads.And like my brother in-law who is a Petronas employee once said: "The F-1 image is good
for selling petrol and lubricants.."
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