Wednesday, March 31, 2010

The Mark IV snoot diffurser

I've began on a frantic pace to develop my latest snoot diffuser and learned that there aren't enough raw materials to go around.The housing material for the snoot tube was depleted and what's left of a small black plastic sheet is barely enough for me to build a light box.It took me nearly an hour to construct the new snoot head, which resembles a small bento lunch box.And for the diffuser material, I used a sheet of corrugated plastic board. This gave it a rigid surface, not like the earlier bio-degradable plastic sheet that is flimsy and frail looking.Since the black housing is flexible, I applied duck tape to fasten it.It shouldn't be too heavy to ease mobility.And what I like about the new snoot head is the fact that its now more solidly built.Speaking of light deflection angle, I cheated a bit by using my MKII housing and attached the bento box onto it.Now, test-wise, I can see a flash of light hitting the subject.So, the angle of deflection is almost there.And the results are also encouraging.Further tests would be done and with the design getting better, I will come up with a Mark V design soon.
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