Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Skin bacterial infection

Our kidz have very few medical issues, but they have been prone to skin problems

Now, my boy is having some skin problem..

An acquaintance once asked me: "Err, is it easy to keep a Siberian Husky?".I gave him the lowdown and actually persuaded him not to take in a Sibe as a pet especially
in an apartment.Huskies need space and plenty of care and if you fall into the category of people with an
active lifestyle, half the criteria is fulfilled.Apart from its high prey drive and wanderlust instinct (Huskies are excellent escape artists),
this breed is also prone to ear, eye, skin and hip problems.And recently, I found that my boy is having bacterial infection on his skin.I didn't notice it until Michelle had told me about some scabs under the boy's base coat."Its running down all the way through his spinal area," she described.The only way to curb this issue is to send the pooch to the vet for a closer inspection and
get him under a course of antibiotics.We are gonna do this over the weekend. So far, only the boy is showing signs of skin infection. Our girl is doing okay.
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