Friday, March 19, 2010

Good results with my new diffuser snoot..

A long-legged fly captured with the new diffuser snoot

A slug shot with the Canon EF100mm F2.8L IS lens and the Frankenfuser

I tried out my new Frankenfuser diffuser snoot this morning with satisfying results.
At least the exposure values were correct under 1/200th shutter speed and F11 aperture.
Usually, the ambient light is too weak to expose the subject in focus, so, according to my mentor Kurt G, the flash output does most of the work.
So, that goes to say that everything that I've learned about general flash photography can be thrown out the window.
And since the subject is exposed and lit a-synchronous with the flash, there is no issue of 'ghosting' or motion blur.
This occured mostly when I was relying on the camera's auto exposure settings.
And since the details can be captured by ignoring the usual convention, I had finally learned the secrets of the pros.
The difusser snoot is able to channel enough light to lit the subject at high speed exposure.
This yields a sharper shot with enough depth-of-field to cover the entire subject with little loss of image clarity.
As it is, I have a long way to go and with the learning curve moving up, I guess there would be more exciting times ahead in close-up photogrphy..

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