Friday, March 19, 2010

Night Macro

This little brown beetle is roughly the size of a kidney bean

This black beetle is built like a tank

When you go chasing bugs in the daytime, most of them are colourful and lively.But in the night, the creatures that comes out foraging and hunting for food are far from
exciting.Last night, I managed to witness and capture some shots of beetles around my
neighbourhood and these guys are voracious feeders.Its no wonder why so many leaves on the trees that provided shade around my home are
cleaned up by the night feeders.I could hardly find any jumping spiders, but the ones that feed in the night are really big
buggers.At my usual spot, I found a huntsman spider which was feeding on a beetle.I managed to squeeze in a shot and that was it.Before I know it, it was gone.Focusing on the insect manually proved to be a challenge as the dimly diffused headlamp of
mine could not yield the details.Nevertheless, I managed to capture at least two shots which turned out to be quite
acceptable.Now that I work really late into the night, I can certainly look forward to some night macro
sessions around my neighbourhood.
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