Tuesday, March 23, 2010

A bad call..

I recall sometime back, I started this blog just for the heck of it.
Nothing really serious, but to rant and air some of my views about what's happening in my life.
But then again, who the fuck cares?
Anyways, recently, I had plenty of fun updating this journal of mine. Especially with my rediscovery of photography.
I learned that one cannot be complacent about life.
Learning is a process that will never go out of fashion.
And at the same time, a friend of mine who is a successful personality in the blogosphere had made some recommendation to a contact of hers in monetizing this little enclave of mine.
And honest to God, I had no idea what blog parties are all about and let alone, making money with it.
I write for a living and its a norm for me to cook up something without any inhibition.
Then when I gave it a try, it all came back.
I remember taking up a job for a small advertising agency.
They asked for a few drafts.
I did as told and at the end of it, their client changed everything.
I was supposed to get paid for it but felt that the end results were not entirely my work.
So, I politely declined the job and backed off. Never heard from the contact again.
Similarly, when I posted a thread earlier about some new product from a Telco, I did not realize that what that happened much earlier is basically repeating itself.
That said, I apologized to the contact and told her that I am not interested in pursuing the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow.
Anyways, that being said, a hobby should not be profit orientated.
It would just defeat its purpose.

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