Friday, March 19, 2010

Stalking the huntsman spider

Had a late dinner tonite after returning home from work.
After settling down the kidz, I went back to the same spot where I found a huntsman spider that was eating a beetle.
Took a while for me to locate the spider which was under the cover of some pandan leaves.
My powerful Fenix TK-40 LED flashlight had picked up the spider which was partially hidden from view.
I tried a couple of shots on my Samo Frankenfuser MKII, but the results were majorly disappointing.
But I wasn't about to give up.
With the normal conventions aside, I set up my camera's pop-up flash and used the wireless slave on my flashgun to trigger it off.
It was rigged for side lighting and getting a shot of the spider was an ease.
I also used the AutoFocus feature on my lens to get a clear shot.
Yesterday, I tried using the manual focus feature which turned out to disastrous.
So, the AF helped a bit in the night and I guess with the huntsman around, there will be more attempts to capture it in full glory..

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