Friday, March 5, 2010

A small step forward..

I hung up my camera more than 17 years ago to pursue a career as a writer.
As a professional photographer, the prospects of making it big is just as forgettable as your last by-line.
Five years in the field, my interest was slowly draining and ultimately, it was consumed by boredom as most of the jobs became routine.
Through the lens of my Nikon F4s and F4E, I have shot thousands of images which is now a part of history.
My job was to record events that shaped the nation.
Even as a writer, I keep my skills honed with a compact camera.
My Konica Hexar 35mm f2.0 pocket camera became my constant companion till it broke down.
And when the digital age made film cameras obsolete, I picked up a Canon Powershot G-1 and had cycled through at least five G-series cameras before landing up with the G-10.
Now, with my Canon EOS7D, I have entered the Digital SLR fray and right now, I am learning to control the camera to yield some good images.
Yesterday's feature on jumping spiders was my second in-depth look at photography and I am proud to say that it was the third most read article in Starmetro's Central edition.
That said, there are more to come and what made learning fun, is the fact that I am rediscovering photography in the digital format.
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