Wednesday, March 24, 2010

The marvelous MT-24EX

In my quest to get better shots on my Canon EF100mm F2.8L IS macro lens, I learned that one of the essential accessory is a flashgun.
And to most macro photography enthusiasts, the Canon MT-24EX is the holy grail in their
pursuit for the ulitmate lighting accessory in flash photography.
This twin light has proven itself by yielding some really fantastic shots up close.
And in Malaysia, it commands a retail price of RM2,950 and is one of the most expensive rig in its class.
The only competition is the Nikon SBR-200 which is wireless.
But most macro photography enthusiasts complained that the rig was not up to the mark.
I guess that the only way to go, is the MT-24EX and this will be my quest for the third-quarter of this year.
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