Friday, March 19, 2010

Samo Frankenfuser Mark II

A shot of my laptop with the diffuser snoot

The lighting on this duck tape was not harsh

The new and improved Frankenfuser MK II

After constructing my first diffuser snoot, I was inspired to follow-up with another project --
that is to build a better and more efficient version.This prompted me to go back to the drawing board and get the proper construction
materials for the job.So, I picked up some art materials from an art supply shop and took on to making a mark II
of my Samo Frankenfuser.I worked late into the night by building the flashgun housing and cutting it into shape.The interior of the housing was lined with a sheet of aluminium foil glued on to the sheet of
perforated plastic wall.Cutting was no sweat, but bending the plastic in shape was a pain in the ass.In the improved diffuser, I extended its business end further to give maximum illumination.The snoot acts by 'bending' light from the flashgun to the subject in focus.For the diffuser end, I cut out a piece of translucent plastic and mounted it onto the snoot.When I tested the housing without its diffuser, the results were pretty much expected.I got some really harsh lighting and with the diffuser attached, the tranmission of light was
cut down by at least 45%.The pictures were evenly lit without a harsh shadow.Then, I took it out and tested on some nocturnal creatures and the results were really
interesting.On Saturday, the Samo Frankenfuser MKII will be put to its fullest test.

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