Wednesday, March 17, 2010

The Myrmarachne

Not my best shot and needs plenty of improvement: presenting the black ant-mimic jumper

This is one of the coolest creatures I've come across

The Myrmarachne striking an elegant pose

This one was captured near my house. It has a two-tone colour which made it a real interesting visual feat..

One of the most fascinating insects that I've come across, is the ant-mimic jumping spider.There are a few species of such arachnids and one particular spidie that caught my attention
- is the black ant mimic.At a recent outing in Taman Rimba Kiara, my close-up photography mentor Mr Kurt G had
pointed out one such creature.It was so active, getting a clear shot was difficult.In the few attempts to capture one, I managed to squeeze in a shot. Not the best, but enough to captivate its unique feature.This is one the many Myrmarachnes that caught my attention.It measured no less than 10mm and at 1:1 magnification, the sights were stunning.The prospect of capturing more ant mimics on my camera had me going and inspired to
create a small on-line photo album dedicated to these little spiders.

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