Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Motorola Android phone is here...

Its a pity how Motorola, the telecommunications giant that started it all, is now in the gutter.
They tried to compete with Nokia, a world leader and Sony Ericsson, who makes useless phones and now, Blackberry and the Apple iphone for a market share here in Malaysia.
I am a fan of none and view the cellphone as a tool solely for keeping in touch.
And like I said earlier, I have no need for pushing emails onto my cellphone.
I even rejected the offer for a RM120 data plan where reporters can claim for their monthy network fees.
Now, that said, Motorola's smartphone operating on Google's Android OS has attracted my attention.
A recent media release stated that it will be on sale for RM2.3k.
For something that goes on sale in the US for a few hundred bucks, I don't think Motorola is going to get a single sen from me.
So, the Android phone can go eat some shit.

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