Sunday, March 14, 2010

Lightning struck twice!

Its finally the middle of the month and I would deem March as a month that sucked majorly.Yesterday, after getting my food supply from the mall, the car decided to break down.It seems that the dry cell battery had reached the end of its service life.Lucky for me, the car broke down about 300 metres from my house.I parked it in a gas station and when I tried to start the engine, its just ran out of juice.And seeing as it is, none of the people who were at the station offered any help - which is a
norm in Malaysia.I tried to make some calls and at the same time, my cellphone battery died on me too.What a coincidence.I finally managed to get some assistance from a guy who had a set of jumper cables.Now, believe it or not, when I connected the cables together, it started to melt!My last resort was to take a trip with him to his workshop in Putra Heights. There, a young mechanic drove me back to the scene, jump-started the car and the rest was
history.After leaving it for a night, I started the car and managed to get the engine running and
headed straight to my workshop.With a new dry cell batt, I am RM175 poorer.
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