Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Canon MPE-65

The only close-up lens that can go beyond 1:1 magnification is the Canon MPE-65.
This beauty can yield shots up to 5:1 close-up and is a preferred tool to many macro photography enthusiast.
In Malaysia, it carries a price tag of RM3,950 which is quite decent.
Its also the only lens in its class to offer 5x magnification for small objects and for a macro photographer, its the ultimate tool to achieve crisp and clear shots of insects that are smaller than 10mm in length.
I have seen the works of master photographers Liew Weng Keong and Kurt G who utilised the lens to its fullest capacity and the results were breathtaking.
Having said that, the MPE-65 is not for everyone.
Its a manual focus lens with a maximum aperture opening of F2.8 and there's very little room
for error even at 1:1 scale.
So, to make room for this lens, there's plenty time to practise my manual focusing skills.
Hopefully, I will get my hands on it and produce some decent shots at high magnification.
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