Tuesday, March 23, 2010


A couple of days ago, I witnessed a meltdown at the workplace.
There were some exchange of words and tempers flared.
I took a deeper look at it and concluded that there should be a compromise somewhere.
Now, the person who threw a fit was also a primadonna.
She was known as a drama queen and what happened really befitted her image.
Dealing with people is no easy thing and that's what we as desk persons would have to deal with everyday.
I had a good mentor who was more than willing to teach and I truly respect the said person for staying true to his calling.
He cares and it showed in his work.
And when you someone throwing a fit at a gentle person, you see someone turning from zero to ugly in a split second.
Shouting was uncalled for and to raise your voice shows that you are not in control.
And I was given a heads-up that the same drama queen will fester tomorrow at my workplace.
There's nothing I can do about it but brace for impact.
I just don't want to blow my top because things can get very, very ugly in a short time.
So far, I've been mellow. If all goes bad, the monster in my would surface if push comes to shove.
Let's just see what would happen...
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