Tuesday, March 23, 2010


I was in a jam and at my wits end, some of my knives came to my salvation.
So, good bye to my Striders and a few high quality prodos.
My car's insurance and road tax will eat up a big chunk from my wallet and a slight miscalculation in my expenses had caused a big ripple in my financial standing.
And just when I thought all was totally lost, the knives that I had in my stash came to the rescue.
I acquired them over a period of time and since they weren't my holy grails, letting go wasn't a hard decision.
And since I got into photography, I made a vow to ease off in buying knives.
I have more than I need and its time to put some of them into good use.
The fact that I am pulling through in this truly trying time is a testament that my investments are paying off.
To me, the knives will get better and when I am ready, its there for my taking.
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