Wednesday, March 17, 2010

I don't see the bigger picture..

At least three telcos have visited my workplace to set up booths.They are trying to win new subscribers and get those existing ones to jump ship.And the latest razz is the unlimited data package with monthly rates starting as 'low' as
RM148 per month.For that, you will have a choice of getting a near obsolete Blackberry or a low end Apple
iphone.Way I see it, if the company wants to stay in touch with you, the said tools should be
provided as a standard issue.There is good and bad about this.It is a norm for the upper echelon to get these toys as their daily carry.One phone call, email or short message could make or brake a person.My top bosses carry at least two blackberries. Why on earth must they do that? But the way I see it, when you are up there on the top of the food chain, you don't have to
pay for any of these gadgets. Its on the house and if you behave, life would go on.But if you fuck up big time, the blackberry would be your worst nightmare.Like it or not, I have weighed the pros and cons of carrying a blackberry.And the thought of paying RM180 a month to Celcom, which is a scumsucking blood thirsty
company owned by greedy maggot-infested corporate bigwigs just killed my interest.So, to sum it all -- I don't make much calls and the ones that I usually receive are either
about work or from some telemarketeer.Speaking of email forwarding, I don't get emails to make critical decisions that would affect
the lives of people on earth.And surfing the net on a small screen is bad for my eyes.Having said that, I too didn't like the pussyfied design of the iphone and the wannabes that
carry them. So, fuck it.Right now, I am sticking to my prepaid call plan. Its painful, but I'll have to bear with it cos its
the only tool that keeps me in touch with my loved ones.Blackberry or iphone, don't need them.

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