Monday, March 29, 2010

Surviving the office war..

I learned that through a recent spat between two management staff, I ranked high on some people's hate-list.Why? Partly because I came up too fast.I was hired as a senior writer two years ago and was promoted to the rank of chief reporter last year.And seeing as it is, I don't think I did that bad with a 4.7% increment. The quantum is between 5 - 7% and in extreme cases - 10%.I guess that this has been the grouses of most executive employees and coming from a background where the yearly increment is about 0.5% yearly, I am not complaining.Infact, life is so much better now.I don't have to put up with idiots and inexperienced people on the desk and folks who are hired to run the show because of their political alignment.As it is, there is no escape from office wars and politics.It amazes me to learn that some folks are not happy with my performance. But then again, they don't pay my salary, so they can fuck off!For me, the challenge here -- is to stay on course and hold a steady position to face the months to come.Like the saying goes: "Better safe, than sorry", this will be my credo for the rest of the year.
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