Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A bitch on heat is a dangerous bitch!

My hand and digits got fucked up really bad

The bitch 

There are some rules that are not meant to be broken.
And when you deal with a frightened dog, don't stick out your hand. Why? Because it will chomp you out of fear.
Yep, you heard me. My right palm felt like a car crash. I was repeatedly bitten by the bitch and when I managed to free my hand, half my palm was punctured.
Immediately, I flushed it under running water and I could feel the throbbing pain. The lady who owns the bitch was shocked to see her dog attacking me.
I told her that it was allright and went home to clean my wounds. When Michelle got home, I told her about the mishap.
During dinner, she put my right palm under cold compresssion. It helped to bring down the swelling.
This had screwed up my plans to fish tomorrow cos my dexterity and mobility has been affected by the wounds.
I still have control of  my thumb and trigger finger. Now, I am training my left hand to do my chores. 
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