Wednesday, February 4, 2009


When it comes to getting the feedmeal for my kidz, I made sure there is enough to go around. 
Round about the third quarter of last year, I overstocked the dog food. Three things came into mind.
First was the hassles of getting one bag a month. The kibbles last about one and a-half months for two dogs.
Next, was the uncertainty factor. Road blocks, rumoured collapse of public order. Lastly, I just got tired of worrying about the broken chain of supply.
Its been two years since I fed my kidz the Blackwood 3000 super premium dog food and it yielded some really good results.
From RM120 for 15kgs, it went up to RM150 and now, the price stood at RM170. More than 13% increase. My math sucks, but I thing the calculations were close. 
If the price gets any higher than RM200 per 15kgs, its time to search for an alternative source of sustenance for the kidz.
Right now, things are manageable. I hope that for the months to come, I'll be able to overstock their feed.
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