Monday, February 2, 2009

Oh, the weather..

The kidz had been going without their bath for a week and a-half. And well, they do smell a bit. Especially the gurl.
I thought that today would be a great day to give them their due shower, but the weather as it seems, did not permit me to do so.
A sudden shift of wind brought the clouds back and the temperature is unusually cooler than the norm. 
Right next door, my neighbour is renovationg his home. Maybe we got off on the wrong foot, but this guy don't seem to be the sociable time. 
Each time he drives by to inspect progress, he puts on a fuck face. Nevermind. Last week, I spotted something rather strange. 
The new paintjob which is being done right now had crossed the demarkation line. Seems that their contractor had painted about 6" over my side of the wall.
It looks ugly and Mrs Samo was furious. "Go and fuck those guys up okay?", she instructed. 
She gets mad and I have to mop up. So, when the Indonesian painter came in on his bike, I gave him that friendly nice guy Tony Soprano talk. I walked him over to the other neighbour's house and poited out to him how the line should be drawn.
He seemed afraid. But I told him that in good faith, he should amend the mistake.
Right about the time I wanted to hit the shower, my gurl barked like a hound out of hell. 
I saw my neighbour - this Mrs Auntie who lives five rows away with her mutt. The bitch was on heat and came to my gate literally every night.
So, I told Mrs Auntie that her pooch, Copi, was looking for a mate. "Aiya auntie, your dog made my boy suffer lah, he refused to eat and waited at the gate all night long and each time your Copi showed up, she flashed her behind to tease my boy. How ah?"
I knew that what I said wouldn't get through to Mrs Auntie, but I meant every word I said. If Naughty escapes and mated with Copi, we have Mongskies running around. 
That is no good. Anyways, I am going to spend my annual leave wisely. The day is done and there are still chores to be done.
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