Sunday, February 1, 2009

Sins of our youth

A cab driver once told me: "jangan harap balasan di dunia akhirat, sekarang juga kita boleh rasa bahang neraka dengan bala dosa kita.." (do not expect judgement in the end of days, its happening right now).This phrase was ingrained in me and each time I think of the evil that men do, I see the reprecussions happening right before my eyes. One of the most popular political blogger in this country mentioned about a friend of his who lost his child recently. In response to his post, those who replied said good things about the man. He survived cancer a few years ago and was told to leave for embezzling funds from the company that employed him. The same tainted money from his ill gotten gains, he fed his family. And for his wrong-doing, the company told him to leave, he was not prosecuted for criminal breach of trust. How convenient.Then, after his journalistic career had crash and burned, he had cancer. But this man was spared by God. He lived another day to open a direct-selling firm.In this material world, things happen in a funny way. Evil men were conferred titles to rule over the weak and helpless. Maybe the cancer surviving experienced had changed him. He was repentant. But the sins of his youth caught up
quickly. Whatever you take, you get back in ten folds.That's how it is. I have personally dealt with the said person and frankly speaking, I never liked him from day one
because he looked down on people and is a greedy and selfish bugger.I watched as he rose up to the highest management post in the company and his downfall. At the end of the day,
no matter how high you climb, its your cruelty and misdeeds that brings you down.I don't know if the said person had repented upon the death of his loved one. Usually, guys like that are afraid of pain and the imminent death.

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