Sunday, February 15, 2009

work and be merry..

Ah... Back to work. My day started at 6am and with the chest infection, life at this very moment sucked.Walked the kids at about 06:45am. I actually had time to catch the History Channel before shooting off to work.
Sundays are great because traffic is at a breeze.By the time I got to my workplace, there were some things to sort out. High on the order of the day, was to spring
clean my drawer.Next, plan the stories and inform the boss. Before I knew it, time for lunch break. I made a brief stop at Section
17 to get some medication for my cough. Seem that the phelgm had made it rather uncomfortable for me. Right now, I am working at 85% efficiency. Hopefully, I can get some treatment from the company doctor
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