Monday, February 23, 2009

Karma, karma, karma, chameleon..

Word had it that a multi-million ringgit Public Relations company which was set up to cater to the country's economic development region and the local corporate titans may be going under.
And guess what? The stuck-up lady who was once my boss is an employee there.
Funny how Karma gets to you when you fuck other people up. This company, which is helmed by some former media bigwigs is also funded by the hidden hand of a local tycoon.
Well, to be exact, the same guy whose father was a humble canteen operator in Jalan Raja Muda.
The said person also gave me 20sen and told me to fuck off. Now, that's getting what you give. I learned from my buddy that the PR company retains a quarter-million ringgit monthly for doing fuck-all.
So, with the good times ending in a flash, I guess all the employees for the firm would have to look for jobs elsewhere.
As PR practitioners, I don't think they hit the mark. Some former journalists in the set up - like their present precessors are primadonnas.
They are spoon-fed motherfuckers with sky high expectations who knew next to nothing. So, are they going to make it after the mountain crumbles?
Well, frankly, I don't give a flying fuck nor I feel sorry for them because they are fucked up right from the very beginning.
For all the misdeeds and wrongdoings - they deserve every bit in this Karma payback.
Moral of the story - be your own man. Don't get sucked into a mutual masterbation club and live like maggots when the shit hits the fan.
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