Thursday, February 5, 2009

The farm trip..

Getting a face lick by spot the pup

Master Wong and our lunch

Master Wong and his catch

Sensei Steven and Master Wong in action

A scene from Karak town

Waking up at five in the morning with your right hand still raw from doggy chomped wounds is no joke.
I made a splint for my right middle finger which was badly wounded last nite and drove all the way to Karak.
When I arrived at Master Wong's farm, sensei Steven Leong had just gotten up from sleep. Ah Pan, my nature guide turned farm hand buddy was walking his dogs.
To date, the farm has nine dogs and the pups that I saw three months ago had grown. Ah Pan took great pains to train one of them called 'spot'.
After breakfast in Karak town, we shot off to Lanchang for a fishing trip. Ah Pan and I caught nothing while sensei Steven landed two sizeable snakeheads.
The man of the hour was master Wong who landed 4kgs of snakehead and a table sized 1.4kg marbled goby.,
We had that for lunch and were feted by farm owner Maggie Liew to some brew and good food. My hosts showed some generosity in serving their home-grown veggies and the awesome steamed marbled goby.
The great company and hospitality took away the pain from my throbbing right hand. And seeing the dogs at the farm made me really homesick. 
Each minute and hour, I kept thinking of my kids especially the gurl. Hahahah! The middle finger splint helped reduce the swelling and my dexterity is now at 70% efficiency.
After spending the entire day in Karak, I took a drive back to my home which took nearly two hours. Rain slowed down progress but nevertheless, I made it back in one piece.
Tomorrow and the day after that, I will live out the remaining off days in my books... And nurse my busted right hand back to health..
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