Thursday, February 12, 2009

Weathered and down with the count..

Oh man! The cough really got me this time. Woke up this morning and felt like a car wreck. With the off days factored-in and more snooze time, I sprang up from the couch at 8am this morning. 
Since my Food Trail stockpile had dried up completely, my mission for the day, was to get some stories. 
I set out to USJ 10 and checked out a coffee shop in the area. Their assam laksa is said to be the best around.
Having tasted it, I also snapped some pictures with my Nokia N82. This cellphone, in my humble opinion, offers the best 5megapixel camera in the market.
Its been proven many time and is actually the best equipment for my work. After I've completed my task, I caught up with Eric Cheong, a friend from Ipoh.
He helped me to send flowers and fruits to an old timer who was warded in his hometown a coupla months back.
That factored in, my day passed very quickly. Tomorrow, is my second last day of R&R and I would be back at work on Sunday.
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