Friday, February 13, 2009

Another shameless plug...

I received an email some time back from a reader who wanted me to do a write-up about a 'traditional' chicken rice stall in Kepong.
To put it for the record, I never like people beating their chest to tell the whole world about how good they are.
As a matter of fact, the guy actually asked for a favour. This, is ethically - a thing that I don't do. If I need to work on such an outlet, I will personally make the arrangements myself.
I brushed off the guy and thought that he had forgotten about it. But this dude is persistent. He came back with a barrage of emails demanding a session. 
Way I see it, I better 'conveniently' forget about going to the place or even ask for a session with the stall owner. 
Based on the vibes, I don't think the stall is doing well... 
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