Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Mating season

Copi at the main road outside our home

My boy anxiously scans for the bitch on heat


Dogs on heat can drive you mad.
My boy had been skipping his meals as he patiently waits for a mongrel bitch at the gate. There, he faithfully waits for Copi, a dog belonging to Mrs Auntie who lives on the second last row of road 26.
As suspected, the same pooch was at my gate this evening. The tell-tale sign was a padlock on her choker chain. 
Her swelling behind secretes the mating scent and as Naughty was chosen for the task, she willingly submits at the gate. 
This drove the coonster crazy as she barks to defend her turf from being invaded by an outsider.
Earlier in the day, I told Mrs Auntie about her pooch that made nightly visits to my house, not that I am annoyed or what, I simply fear that the neighbours would complain. 
This ritual will last for another week until Copi's heat cycle is over. Since the pooch has never been neutered, Mrs Auntie can expect some puppies in three month's time.
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