Sunday, February 1, 2009

Transcient Ischemic Attack

@ mini stroke. That came as a debilitating thought because my wife had the attack yesterday. Thankfully, she recovered without any serious damage to her right eye.
Kinda scary to think that what happened was linked to stress. And as usual, I get the blame. Somebody just shoot me! 
I love my wife a lot and well, it will be devastating to lose her with all the blood vessels in her brains exploding.
We need to take things easy, the holiday up North helped a bit, but I guess stress, anxiety and all that, is a silent killer.
I say a prayer for her and hope that she doesn't get anymore attacks.
Tomorrow, its back to work for one day. Yep, a one night stand only. Hopefully, I can get some things done especially my banking chores during the lunchbreak.
And at the same time, the Hokkien folks are celebrating their new year by paying homage to 'Thien Kung' or the Sky God.
This can be intrepretated as a night of porking out and heavy drinking - which is degradable to the health. 
Anyways, this takes place once a year and I kinda hope to see more. The only thing I can look forward to after tomorrow, is a four-day break that includes my annual leave.
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