Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Back on the trail..

It's back on the trail.I had my week planned and today is one of those easy days where I get some fieldwork done. And best of all, I
have closed a deal with a food company to sponsor my column. Went to Bangsar and had a bowl of duck thigh noodles. It was at the Chun Heong coffeeshop where I regularly
have my meals. At RM5.50, the lunch was a steal. When my bowl of noodles arrived, I snapped a few shots and went on eating.
The angle which I was seated didn't really gave some good indoor shots of the coffee shop, so, I skipped to the
exterior which came out pretty well.After filling up and completing my task, I head off to the Bangsar Village mall and checked out two bookstores
and later shot off to pick up my buddy CM Khor and had tea with him before heading back to the office.We exchanged notes about what's happening in the business. I told him that Michelle had noted the fact that one
of the lady who went for dinner last Saturday had appeared to be stuck-up.He concurred and well, I guess since her PR company is in the shits, we'll have to see what is in store next. And
as usual, I had no issue submitting my take for the Food Trail stockpile. There's much to be done - especially when its going to be tied-in with a major food manufacturer in March!
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