Saturday, February 14, 2009

Valentine Day

Is for suckers. 
I don't see the need to splurge on roses, chocolates and a fancy lunch or dinner that is going to break the bank.
For starters, I didn't even knew it was Valentine's Day till my wifey told me that it was so. We spent the weekend in the city centre.
First on our schedule, was a stop at the Pavilion Mall in Jalan Bukit Bintang. This place is huge and posh and we marvelled at all the strange people that parked themselves there.
We covered Lot 10, Sungai Wang Plaza, Low Yat Plaza, Berjaya Times square and ended up having lunch at a corner coffee shop in Jalan Imbi.
Later, we shot off to the Mid Valley Gardens to utilise some gift vouchers from Robinsons. As usual, on weekends, the crowd is at full swing. 
Lucky for us, finding a parking spot was not an issue. So, the order of the day, was to get some garments for the wifey.
She did the shopping and I mostly said: "mmmph... yeah, that colour is nice.. bla-bla-bla.." After she picked up her garb, we walked to the Docker's outlet.
There, she went for some work pants. While she was shopping, I saw this Ah Lian, who was over dressed in a casual clothing store. She was waiting for her man who was in the changing room.
And just as I predicted, lo and behold, this drug dealer Ah Beng came out parading with his new pants. It was a sight to behold - gangsta fashion show.
I kept saying: "drug dealah.. drug dealah.." And noticed the dirty look on the woman's face, nevertheless, I couldn't give a flying fuck cos she had some serious attitude.
The store assistant who tended to my wife was okay except for this bum whom I asked about sizes. I picked up a pair of pants and asked if the sizes area variable. 
"Yes, we have sizes up to 40," he said and led me to a corner to show me a different cutting. Then he took off. So, I put the pants back and went back to Michelle.
Moments later, this fucking bum came up to me and asked: "So, how? You want the pants?" I said: "Nah, not interested." He left with an embarassed look on his face.
Way I see it, that fucking bum is a lousy salesman. So, fuck him. After my wife had sorted out her selection, she was told to wait for an hour. 
We worked our way to Borders in the third floor and had some coffee. Michelle said we had never gone out like that for years. 
Yeah, solely because we have our own place and the dogz. Which I rather do - cos spending a quality weekend with the family is much better than cruising in malls. 

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